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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feasibility of Drupal as a source code repository

Update on Nov 21: I installed the Drupal and documented it in a very detailed way with a lot of pictures. So, whoever needs a "getting started" tutorial can use this installation guide

This time I want to try building the web-site on Drupal - a known open-source site platform with a big focus on community-related features. Drupal seems to satisfy my mandatory requirements for non-modifiable code repository:

  1. Everybody should be able to post code examples
    You can tune rights of anonyms even more. E.g. allow them to make comments only for particular publication types
  2. And should be able to attach zip files
    Looks like it is quite possible
  3. And use images in the articles
    There is no out-of-the-box way to use Blogger-like upload and immediately see feature. However there are image galleries that you can use (suitable for technical authors) and at least some user friendly solutions
  4. And the code can be highlighted just as in any decent source code editor
    Easily possible
  5. And articles should be discussable in the forum or right under the article
    You can see it at any Drupal site. For example, on
The only mandatory feature that might be tricky is seamless uploading of images to the article texts, but it seems to have real solutions.
As extra advantages Drupal proposes user-friendly URLs, full control on categories, blogging API support and more.

Permission is granted. As soon as possible I'll start the Drupal trials. And in the spirit of iterative and agile software development I am going start with the most critical part - figuring out what is the best way of adding image uploading for article authors.

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At 1:35 AM, Anonymous Bèr said...

Was my desparate attempt to get inlnie functionality ghoing.
unfortunately Dries turned it down because of 'lack of support'!

At 1:39 PM, Blogger Artem said...

Ber, as you might have noticed, I already installed Drupal.
The next steps for me are to give everybody right to post and exactly to try integrating inline image uploading or whatever they call it.

You definitely know this area much more, that I (who starts his first Drupal site). In this post, I linked to a number of possible solutions. What would you advise to start trials with?

The ideal goal would be cloning of the Blogger interface :)


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