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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Community site

I want to build a community web site - a repository of the source code written for the Symbian operating system. The idea is, that when a person needs to see how this or that feature is actually used, he could go to the community site and search for commented, explained and compilable source code.

Whenever I personally need to work with a new feature, I always search for code examples and tutorials. The portal I have in mind is supposed to bring things to the next level - all (or at least most of) the code snipplets will be wrapped up into ready to run projects, that everybody can step through in a debugger - the best learning technique I know.

I need the following features to build the system:

  1. Everybody should be able to post code examples
  2. And should be able to attach zip files
  3. And use images in the article test
  4. And the code can be highlighted just as in any decent source code editor
  5. And articles should be discussable in the forum or right under the article
And also some general portal stuff, like ability to move articles between categories, and having an admin account, that should approve articles before the publishing.
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