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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Changing Drupal theme in a few clicks

Before we make further upgrades to the site, let's make it look a bit prettier. Serious theme selection and its adjustments will be covered later, but the default Drupal theme is too boring.

Go to the Administer->Settings, enable the themes you like and set the default one - pushbutton in the SymbianExample case.

That's it. From now on, every user can visit his "my account"->Edit and choose one of the allowed templates.

One more step for today will be adding one link to the site - the link to this very blog. A good place for it is one of the "standard" theme links. I chose to change the "Secondary link".
To change it click "edit secondary links" at the top of the site.

Add a new link and save the configuration. Note, that img_assist module we added the last time added his button under every textarea field. So theoretically you could add an image to the link text.

Voila, link changed and right in the site header, an accidental visitor can go to this blog, explaining how to create a similar site for yourself.

Next time we will be adding the source code highlighting feature to allow posting the easy-readable source code.

Stay tuned


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